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Cutting & Drilling of Stainless Steel Tube Muffler Assembly for the Race Car Industry

Cutting & Drilling of Stainless Steel Tube Muffler Assembly for the Race Car IndustryIn order to fabricate a stainless steel tube muffler assembly for a client, Advance Tube Engineering employed a combination of cutting, deburring, and drilling. We began with a customer-supplied print and a 2D CAD drawing, and made sure all processes were compliant with our client's standards and requirements. Working with T-304 stainless steel, we first cut the material to length, and deburred the inner and outer edges. We then drilled 6 holes, 60 degrees apart, on both ends. Next, we drilled 1 hole located 5.4 inches from the end. The final muffler assembly measured 10.70 inches in overall length, with 12 drilled holes featuring either a 0.250 of an inch or a .266 of an inch outside diameter. We held tolerances down to +/- .005 of an inch and +/- 1 degree, with flatness tolerances within .0005 of an inch, to ensure precision and quality. When the order was completed, we delivered the 100 steel tube muffler assemblies to our client. To learn more about our cutting and drilling projects and more, please contact Advance Tube.

Project Highlights

Product Description This Stainless Steel Muffler Assembly is used within a application
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Overall Part Dimensions
Raw Material:
Tube O.D.: ø1.375
Wall Thickness: .049"
O.A.L.: 10.70"
Drilled Holes:
Ø.250 x12
Tightest Tolerances ±.005"
Flatness within .0005"
Material Used T-304 Stainless Steel
Typical Operations
Cut to Length
Deburr Inner and Outer Edges
Drill 6 Holes 60° Apart on Both Ends
Drill 1 Hole 5.4" from end
Volume 100 Units
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Muffler Assembly